Looking for a job in the carpet cleaning industry ?

There are many company’s looking for experienced carpet cleaners, you will need to be certified in all aspects of carpet cleaning, you will need to show your IICRC certificates. This will show that you have taken the exams and are competent to carry out carpet cleaning tasks. Your cleaning  machine should have a 300 psi pump fitted and have 2 three stage vacuums fitted, the heater should be able to heat the water up to 200 degrees F.  Most machines on the market have these specification, and the Ninja by Century 400 is a reliable, and inexpensive machine.

There are a number of top company’s that are looking for carpet cleaners in London, you will find them by doing a Google search for the term” carpet cleaning London” this will bring up the top London company’s, I would get their phone numbers and call them up, if they do not have a position available at that moment, ask to take your number down, so the moment a position comes available they can call you. A company that I have worked at is a company called Masterclean , they do a lot of carpet cleaning in London, they have a large number of carpet cleaners. They get a lot of client recommendations, as it is hard to find a carpet cleaning company in London, that are good, and charge a resonable price.

Salary’s should be in the region of £900 per week, but you will have to take out your van cost, diesel, and chemicals, which should cost no more than £75, and the depreciation on your carpet cleaning machine.